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” I have dealt with Ferne and her team for years and I trust her to help keep me safe. I had my first FPCM for a year and got my monthly interest like clockwork. I liked it so much that I not only renewed for another year, but I added more money to it to increase my monthly income! Where else can I get this kind of safety with this kind of return, for just one year?! I’ve told several of my friends who want more income, and even my sister, about the FPCM’… “

– Lois Brennen, Client – Retired
Boynton Beach, FL

” First Financial Tax Group (FFTG) has been responsive, helpful, and professional in answering all of my questions on First Position Commercial Mortgages. Their follow-ups have been timely. The returns every month have been deposited as agreed and more financially rewarding than any CDs I’ve purchased in several years. I feel safe enough to continue with this program & suggest you take a close look if you are conservative and want a competitive return away from the volatile stock and bond markets. “

– Robert L. Schattner, Client – Retired
Boca Raton, FL

” My cynical nature assumed that in order to receive such a high interest rate being offered on the FPCMs in today’s market, there had to be hidden costs or the FPCMs were a high risk product; however, after doing my due diligence, I came to the opposite conclusion. The money you lend is secured by a deed of trust against a commercial piece of property with the amount of the loan not more than 60% of the value of that property; this makes your investment so much safer than the volatile stock and bond market. Furthermore, you are never tying up your money for more than one year and you receive the interest on a consistent monthly basis. I have been looking for a sound, safe opportunity like this for years, and have found it with the FPCMs offered at First Financial Tax Group. “

– Janet Castaneda, Retired Real Estate Attorney
Parkland, FL

” As a conservative client, dealing with very low interest rates has been a challenge over the past few years. Near 0% government bond yields has made it near impossible for traditional CD investors to achieve any kind of return. To add insult to injury, my money was actually losing purchasing power due to inflation being higher than the interest I was receiving. The FPCMs that I learned about through First Financial Tax Group have afforded me a safer and convenient way to achieve above market returns with much lower risk. The consistent monthly income coupled with the short 1 year commitment are a powerful and compelling reason to take a serious look at this financial opportunity. In short, FPCMs offer me extremely competitive returns without the risk of stock or bond market volatility. I have been involved with FFTG for about 2 years now and have been involved in over 20 individual FPCM transactions. Every monthly interest payment has come either right on time or actually a day or two early. I could not recommend them any stronger! “

– Rodney Black, Market Trader
Wayne, NJ

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